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2016-01-30 20:17:31 by Fenkata1

So I decided to freelance a bit, do some things of my own. Art mostly but still,maybe a video here and there as well. 

Don't worry I still work with Ferdafs, after all I make most of the content for "Summoner's Quest" :D

Made me a DA and Patreon if you'd like to follow or support me : 

Aaand my twitter is the same as always :D 

Making a list and checking in twice

2015-11-13 18:08:03 by Fenkata1

I know I don't draw much, not anything that isn't for a game anyway, but i have decided to try and make a few fanarts by the end of the year. Just for the fun of it I made a list and will put links to the uploaded works once they are done :) 

This is my list so far: 

1.       Pizzaz Miller – Moonbeam city 

2.       Chrysalis Zirconia Tate– Moonbeam city 

3.       Princess Bubblegum- Adventure time

4.       Marceline – Adventure time

5.       Peridot – Steven Universe - *new*

6.       Rose Quartz– Steven Universe-

7.       Roxanne-Megamind

8.       Illaoi- League of Legends

Does that sound any good? If you have any fun ideas feel free to tell me. 

P.S Gonna stream Rose and some scenes from one of our games in like 10 minutes.


Open for commissions!

2015-11-10 15:40:19 by Fenkata1

Hey there! 

I am officially open for drawing commissions! You can check out my work here :

and if you are interested  PM me ;) 

My pricing is listed here :

 I also made me a twitter account!

I will tweet before my streams so feel free to follow me if you don't want to miss them :) 

Drawing Stream

2015-10-22 15:32:40 by Fenkata1

Hey there! 

I am the lead artist from Fantasy Disaster ( I work with Ferdafs ) and I was thinking of streaming from time to time when I draw.

Ferdafs' account is this one if you are curious :

I will start my first broadcast in a few minutes so if you are interested feel free to check it out ! It's here :

Probably won't be long - about half an hour to an hour mostly shading but I will upload some videos of it here later. 

The drawing is not related to Summoner's Quest but it is going to be in the newest series that Ferdafs (and me) are working on. You can check it out for a spoiler or two. :D 

You could even catch a glimpse of my workspace - the birthplace of Summoner's Quest. :) 

I hope it goes well, if you have any advice for me feel free to comment!